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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Sep 19, 2021

Lured Up Podcast 195

Record Date - 9/15/21

Publish Date - 9/19/21


Another week - Another episode! We recap the Psychic Spectacular and how we did with the event. Will having 2 new Dex entries be enough to carry the event? Adam thoroughly enjoyed the event, especially the encounter pool and the Inkay evolution mechanic, while Ken felt that there were plenty of Shiny Pokémon to hunt, even if there wasn’t anything new.


The October Community Day decision has the Community worked up as Duskull is one of the oldest Shinies in the game. With Shadow Ball as the exclusive move, it won’t make an impact on PvE or PvP metas either. This leads into a conversation about what the Community wants and expects from Community Day vs what Niantic hopes to accomplish. Plenty to talk about here!


Fashion Week will be coming next week and the event is looking to be exciting. From Furfrou with changeable forms to new costume Pokémon, there will be a ton to do during the event. That is however, unless you are not interested in costume Pokémon, like Adam. Time will tell if the event has enough to carry positive momentum through the end of the month.


Finally we put together a Raid Guide and Battle Party for the Lake Guardians. While all 3 Legendaries are Psychic Types, there stat spreads and movesets will make them all feel a bit different to battle. As for counters, it is possible to create a party that can be used for all three, making your counter selection pretty easy. Mega Pokémon are becoming more and more prominent in Raid Counters, so is it time that everyone finally buys into the Mega Mechanic?


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