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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

LURED UP 157.5

Recording Date - 11/25/2020

Publish Date - 11/30/2020


Enjoy this bonus episode of Lured Up! We wanted to get out our coverage of the info on the Season of Celebration and GO Battle League Season 6 dropped today! We are so excited to GO Beyond, and the gameplay is finally beginning to rollout!



Nov 27, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 157

Record Date - 11/25/2020

Publish Date - 11/27/2020


The calm before the storm! Just because the Level Cap Increase isn’t here yet doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton to do! We catch up on our 12Days of Friendship gameplay as well as the rest of our week! We run through the December Event...

Nov 20, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 156

Record Date - 11/18/2020

Publish Date - 11/20/2020


To Kalos and Beyond! What a massive week for Pokémon GO as we not only have a slew of events happening right now, but also the incredibly massive GO Beyond Update rolling out over the next few weeks! We begin with the Pokémion HOME event and the...

Nov 14, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 155

Record Date 11/11/2020

Publish Date 11/13/2020


As we wrap up Animation Week, we recap our recent gameplay including the Special Weekends, Jigglypuff Spotlight Hour as well as Lugia in Raids. While the encounter pool wasn’t the strongest and the non Legendary Raid pool was weak, we still had a...

Nov 6, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 154

Record Date - 11/4/2020

Publish Date -11/6/2020


We recorded this episode during an interesting time in the game! We were between to events which brought us back to the roots of catching our home biome Pokémon! We recap our experiences of the week and prep you for Animation Week, which looks to be...