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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Sep 16, 2022

Lured Up Podcast 233

Record Date - 9/15/2022

Publish Date - 9/16/2022


As we reflect on the last week of gameplay we learn that Adam really hasn’t been having a lot of fun with the game lately. While not sure about the fun part, Ken is still running the game all day long. The anti climactic Clefairy Commotion didn’t really hit the spot Trainers were looking for either. So was this a downward trending week for Niantic? It was if you take a look at the new boxes!


Test Your Mettle kicks off this week and the blog look promising. With Togedemaru and Mega Aagron to chew on, we aren’t sure if it will be enough. The Community once again is feeling out of touch with Niantic and we aren’t sure when or how this could improve.


Finally we put together a Raid Guide and Battle Party for Celesteela and Kartana. This double Legendary week should be a pun and eventful one. 

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