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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 276 - Blazing Up

Record Date - 07/22/2023

Publish Date - 07/26/2023


The emotional roller coaster that we can’t seem to get off of is back for more ups and downs! The global release of Routes is exceptionally welcomed by the Community, however they unfortunately don’t seem to be functioning consistently. With the creation side of things still rolling out, it has many Trainers concerned with completing their Special Research, it may be a while before things actually shake out.


This last weekend is packed with things to do as we have Riolu Hatch day on Saturday and the make up Community Day Classic: Squirtle on Sunday! Blazing New Trails fills in the upcoming week and takes away from the 11 days of vanilla spawns that we were expecting. While there is barely any excitement for the increased chances of Shiny Yungoos, the debut of Zygarde has Trainers pretty excited!


We wrap things up with a Raid Guide and Battle Party for Regidrago that will come to 5 Star Raids for the first time! There may still be a sour taste in Trainer’s mouths after the Elite Raid debacle, but seeing the new Regis in regular Raids has really opened up their accessibility to the masses. 


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