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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Aug 7, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 278

Record Date - 8/6/23

Publish Date - 8/7/23


While GO Fest is happening in London and Osaka, we are watching it all go down from the good’ol US of A! We recap our Adventure Week as it was one of the best in-game events of the year so far. With Community sentiment at a much needed high, having GO Fest NYC looming in the wings is keeping spirits afloat. As for the international GO Fests, make sure you check out JT Valor and Landor Alpha’s coverage!


Niantic didn’t leave those not attending International GO Fest events out to dry! The Glimmering Gardens Event gives us a small sample of the experience, in what looks to be another strong event. With plenty of Shinies to hunt and strong Raids, we will hopefully continue the trend of good vibes in the Community. So long as the Route situation doesn’t bring you down, as the system seems to be in major disrepair. 


As we have seen in previous years, Niantic has issued a pretty significant ban wave leading up to GO Fest. We discuss one of the most notorious cheaters on Twitter as well as a legit player who was falsely banned and ended up being reinstated. What it comes down to is winning stupid prizes when you play stupid games. In other words… Don’t cheat.


Our Poke The Bear this week is one that brought an incredible amount of Community Interaction. Wayfarer abuse has been in the spotlight as the Osaka gameboard is impossibly packed with POI. One look at the Ingress Intel Map proves that some significant Wayfarer abuse is happening. We are seeing L17 cells with 3 POI each stacked in clusters across the GO Fest map. With content creators eating it up, we ask where do you draw the line between calling it out as cheating and enjoying the result of it!


Make sure you check out our Twitter this week for a chance to win a Pokémon GO Plus +! After spending some time with the device it has absolutely changed the way the game can be played! Best of luck to everyone that enters to win!


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