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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 122

Recording Date - 3/11/2020

Publish Date - 3/13/2020


Another week packed with news, updates and new Pokémon! We start off by recapping our Team Go Rocket Takeover experience with defeating Team Leaders and using Charged TMs! Adam gives us the scoop on the events happening this week and takes us through the weekend with what we should expect and look out for!


Nianitc has been working around the clock to not only keep their Trainers safe, but to also keep us busy with ways to enjoy their game during the Covid-19 crisis. Abra Community Day may have been postponed, but they give us a bunch of resources to enjoy the game and even play solo!


The Genesect Special Research Story Event was announced and we are hyped! We talk about how the event will work along with prepping you for another fun filled weekend next week! It will be interesting how they handle the different Drives that Genesect can install to change up the type of its Techno Blast attack!


We also review Niantic’s decision to postpone the St. Louis Safari Zone, which must have been an exceptionally difficult decision. They are offering multiple options for ticket holders and we give you our recommendations! 


Next we dig in to the 0.169.0 APK Mine and review the multiple new bits of code found and even put on our tin foil hats a bit, before Poking the Bear! This week we talk about the state of the GO Battle League and whether or not the community thinks it is ready to launch Season 1!


Team GO Rocket Recap -

GBL Prep Event- 

Genesect A Drive to Investigate - 

SZ St. Louis Postponed - 

COVID-19 and Pokémon GO - -

PokeMiners - 

Poke The Bear - 

Developer PvP Video -

PKMN Master Holly Video - 

Secret League Pin -   

Inappropriate Voicemail, Text, and Picture Line - 732-835-8639 



Ken Pescatore

Adam Tuttle


Writer and Producer

Ken Pescatore


Executive Producer 

Paul Bhatt


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