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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Jan 3, 2023

Lured Up Podcast Creator Series Episode 40

Marty from PokeMiners


Marty from PokeMiners returns to the show to catch us up on the latest happenings with the Community’s favorite pickaxe wielding heroes. We start at the beginning and cover the history of PokeMiners before digging into learning about what a datamine is and what goes into completing one. Turning raw data into content is something that PokeMiners have perfected and the Community turns to them for information on current events as well as details that can’t be found anywhere else online.


When they released a note in December stating that they were going to be making some changes to how they operate, it was the perfect reason to bring Marty back to discuss. We learn how the current state of the game has impacted his relationship with his gameplay, and how that ultimately trickled down to the content. While PokeMiners aren’t going anywhere, there will be significant changes to the way they produce and release content. We break it down, and have an awesome discussion about the entire process.


Remember folks, datamining does break the Terms of Service. Data pulled from the mines has not been officially approved and is subject to change and can even be wrong. Covering datamines is exciting as it provides insight behind the curtain of how the game functions. It is also exceptionally important to the hardcore player base, so we would be remiss if we ignored the impact that PokeMiners has on the Community at large.


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Recording Date - 12/20/2022

Publish Date - 1/3/2022


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