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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Apr 10, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 126

Recording Date - 4/8/2020

Publish Date - 4/10/2020


We are joined this week by Marty from PokeMiners to take a fascinating look behind the curtain of what datamining is all about. He shares an easy to understand explanation of the process and philosophies behind datamining. We were very excited (and relieved) to hear his positive and respectful approach to the process and source material. Marty hung out to discuss his team’s latest findings in the data including code about Remote Raid Passes, Buddy Gifting, and GO Battle Day: Marill! We will proudly be using PokeMiners for all of our future datamine coverage.


After the break we discuss this month’s combining of the Spotlight and Mystery Bonus Hours. There are pros and cons of this change and are eager to hear what the community thinks about it. Would you rather have two separate events or do you prefer a once a week thing?


Need items? Join us and many other creators that are taking part in a concerted effort to send out gifts to Trainers in need! Check out our Twitter along with the feeds of Gaming2gether Media and Niantic for Trainer Codes that you can add!


Finally, we Poke the Bear with a topic that has the Community on fire, GO Battle League performance! We share many of your thoughts about the current state of the game along with our thoughts and feelings about how the community is handling it! Connect with us on social media to keep the conversation going!



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Paul Bhatt


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