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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Aug 22, 2019

We held off on recording for 2 days in order to wait for the Ultra Bonus Unlock Announcement from Niantic! Waiting paid off as the news is insane! We break everything down to help you prepare for the coming weeks that will be packed with events!

We are joined by P@nd3man, a fixture in the NJ PoGO Community who makes content and hypes up the game and creators in the process. We talk NJ, community building, and a chill approach to creating content that helps him stay engaged with the player community, the content community, as well as himself and his family. 



Pokemon GO PvP Invitational - 

Water Festival - 

Ultra Bonus Unlock - 

Gen 5 Teased -

Spheal Team 6 - 

Adventure Sync V2 - 

GO Ranger Check In -   

Inappropriate Voicemail, Text, and Picture Line - 732-835-8639 


Intro Song - "Civic Duty" by Chipocrite

Outro Song - "Little Computer People" by Chipocrite 

iTunes -


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