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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Sep 12, 2020

Lured Up Podcast 147

Record Date - 9/9/2020

Publish Date - 9/12/2020


After a pretty quiet week on the gameplay front, it is time to gather our resources and prepare for another exciting week of events. Many of us took it easy over a lackluster first week of the Mega September event, mixed with a not so great launch of Megas. This upcoming week however, looks to be more exciting and have a lot more going on!


We have the return of Cresselia, new Timed Research, and updated encounter pool, and a new Shiny to help us through the week. We are also still scratching our heads over Mega Pidgeot, which we expect to be announced on Monday. Tentacool Raid Hour and the updated Mega economy may have what it takes to get Trainers excited again.


Niantic has announced their Planet Scale AR Alliance which consists of some powerhouses in mobile networking, communications, and investments. As we prepare for the release of 5G, initiatives like this will usher in the technology that will help us make the most of an updated network, both in and out of the game.


We wrap things up with a Mega Pidgeot Raid Guide and Battle Party, in hopes of luring it to us this week. While PokeBattler has Shadow Pokémon at the top of its list, they may not be the most practical to use. Make sure to tag us on social with the Battle Parties that you are going to bring!


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