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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

Lured Up Podcast 186

Record Date - 7/14/21

Publish Date - 7/16/21


It’s Ken’s Birthday and the show immediately flies off the rails. THe excitement for GO Fest is just too much to handle and we struggle to keep eachother grounded. Before we get into the big event, we recap the Fifth Anniversary Event and how it went without us. 


Next up we take a detailed look at the Known Issues Page. With GO Fest in just a few days, many are expecting the game to have some sort of hiccup at some time. While not intended, this segment also proves to be fun as some of the entries are just to funny not to laugh.


We wrap things up with a recap of some of the upcoming GO Fest spawn, raids, and benefits. We hope everyone has an amazing time at GO Fest!

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Ken Pescatore

Adam Tuttle


Writer and Producer

Ken Pescatore


Executive Producer 

Paul Bhatt


Show music provided by GameChops and licensed through Creative Commons




Intro Music

Lake Verity (Drum & Bass Remix) 


GameChops - Ultraball


Break Music

National Park

Mikel & GameChops

GameChops - Poké & Chill


Outro Music

Vast Poni Canyon

CG5 & GlitchxCity (Future Bass Remix)

GameChops - Ultraball

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