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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Lured Up Podcast 

Creator Series Episode 25

Recording Date - 3/23/21

Publish Date - 3/30/21


I was very excited to be joined by Reversal this week, as it has been a long time since we were able to catch up. We start from the beginning and Gio breaks down his introduction to the franchise and ultimately the world...

Mar 28, 2021

Lured Up Podcast 172

Record Date - 3/24/21

Publish Date - 3/27/21


March Events - 

Charge Up - 

Weather Week - 

Special Raid Weekend - 

April Event Summary -

Snivy Community Day -

Mar 20, 2021

Lured Up Podcast 171

Record Date - 3/18/21

Publish Date - 3/19/21


Another week into the Season of Legends and the events are still rolling in. As we wrap up the Searching For Legends Event, we have a few single day events to recap including the highly debated Incense Day. While this event did feel a bit bland, we...

Mar 14, 2021

Lured Up Podcast

Record Date - 3/10/21

Publish Date - 3/13/21


With the Season of Legends in full swing, Trainers have been very positive on the game despite some controversy surrounding last week's Kanto Tour Bonus Event. From an exciting spawn pool, to exceptionally well balanced events, March is shaping up to be a...

Mar 9, 2021

Lured Up Podcast

Creator Series Episode 24

Recording Date - 2/23/21

Publish Date - 3/9/21


Legendary Moo joins me this week to talk about creating PvP content on Twitch and how his approach keeps him motivated. From a serious approach to winning to a whimsical approach of goofing off, Moo brings a unique vibe...