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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Apr 29, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 264

Record Date - 4/26/2023

Publish Date - 4/28/2023


The Regidrago announcement has finally come! While it isn’t much of a make good, it is a make-up, which has the Community torn and Adam scorned so bad that he calls out for people to stay home!


We have the May content update which brings...

Apr 22, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 263

Record Date - 4/19/23

Publish Date - 4/21/23


This week’s episode is packed with news and events! There is plenty coming to the calendar this month which means there is plenty to discuss! Our weekly recap covers our Togetic Community Day experiences and how in person play, whether with one...

Apr 14, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 262 - The New Normal

Record Date - 4/12/2023

Publish Date - 4/14/2023


After the intensity of last week’s episode, we take the time to reflect on the roller coaster of emotions that are flowing through the Community. With a week since the Remote Raid update, is the Community ready to adapt to the new...