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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Nov 27, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 292 - It Needs Seasoning

Record Date - 11/25/2023

Publish Date - 11/26/2023


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Is it just us or does it not feel like the latest Season of Pokémon GO is coming to a close? As we enter the final week of Adventures Abound, the theme of the Season and the overall narrative seem to not be a part of the current zeitgeist. Niantic has delivered an onslaught of events and multiple new, game defining updates, but in terms of narrative we haven’t had much. It poses the question of does Pokémon GO even need a story at all? Do players actually have any idea what is going on with the narrative or is it all just about catching everything they see?


We recap the last week of gameplay including Mareep Community Day, which paired very nicely with the Party Up Event. Players that got together in person for Community Day were able to play in parties and wrap up their Timed and Special Research for Party Up. Some even used the time to complete some Routes. One thing is for certain, IRL Pokémon GO is alive and well, and Niantic has the numbers to prove it.


While we covered the financial impact that a GO Fest Event can bring to a region last week, this episode we talk about the attendance across those events. With 180,000 Trainers playing in those events, it proves that those saying the game is dead are simply blowing smoke. With new and creative events like the Akasuka Route in Japan, the future is looking strong. We think that sponsored routes may just be the secret sauce that takes this game to a new level. It brings a dynamic that blends travel, entertainment, art, and nature. Asakusa may be on to something.


The Black Friday Pokécoin Sale has the Community split, with some simply thinking this is a desperate attempt by Niantic to grab our money. Consistent spenders on the game are all smiles as their hard earned money that they have budgeted towards the game, will get them a little bit more this week. A win-win for those that consume items.


Finally we wrap up with a Terrakion Raid Guide and Battle Party, and put together our teams that we will be bringing out. Terrakion is definitely the most popular of the Swords of Justice, and for good reason. For those that know the lore, this may be a fun time to bring out Keldeo to play.


With Adventures Abound closing out this week, how did this Season perform for your play and entertainment styles?


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