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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Nov 22, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 291

Record Date - 11/18/2023

Publish Date - 11/21/2023



There have been plenty of Pokémon in fashion this week, and the Shiny chase is on.We had a ton of costume Shinies to look out for which kept the grinders busy, and a really cool Dragonite in Raids for that camp to go after. With Fashion Week wrapping up, we will see a few days worth of vanilla spawns to hold us over to Party Up!


Which is the most Niantic event ever. A Party Event that doesn’t require or even motivate you to join a Party. We aren’t quite sure where Niantic wants this event to go, but it looks like it will simply be an encounter shift for a few days.


If you log in to the game using the Pokémon Trainer Club then you are going to want to take some precautions to ensure you can maintain account access. An update to the login could give some Trainers an issue, so make sure you have your alternate login methods linked.


The Wayfarer AMAs are coming up and hopefully we get some clarifications about the Ladder Policy to help put some of the concerns to bed. Will the Twitter Mob have their voice heard? We will have to wait and see what questions end up making it through to the release.


A ban wave swept through, impacting some of the game’s most hardcore grinders. GO Hub gets the scoop on how it is tied to the Fast Catch exploit. Any way you look at it, it isn’t a good look. Niantic didn’t give much info besides saying that it would be resolved quickly.


We end with a discussion around a Mystic7 Tweet where he proclaims the game dead. We share our hot takes and discuss what we think may be happening in the world of PGO Content. Is it the game that is causing viewership to decline, or is it the content failing to give the modern PGO audience what they want?


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