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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

Lured Up Podcast

Record Date - 6/17/20

Publish Date - 6/20/20


Another exciting week is of Pokémon GO is in the books as it is time to recap! Adam will take you through all of the events from last week including Latios and Latias Raid Weekend, Numel Spotlight Hour and Zekrom Raid Hour. He also gets you prepped for the upcoming week of events including Weedle Community Day and the Solstice Event!


We had a Pokémon Presents YouTube event which not only detailed multiple new Pokémon titles, but also some exciting GO news. Victini has been announced as the Mythical available at GO Fest and Mega Evolutions are also coming! We couldn’t be more excited for how these updates will impact the game!


The Solstice Event brings us a fun spawn pool as well as 2x catch Stardust for the entire event! We also see Solrock and Lunatone switching things up for a bit before making a full hemisphere migration. Don’t forget that during Weedle Community Day we will have 3x catch Stardust! Make sure you get your Star Pieces ready!


Niantic Support has had their hands full this week with a bunch of issues, big and small. From gyms not loading properly to innocent players being banned from the game. We also saw our first and most blatant exploit come to light in the GBL, which propelled a Trainer to the top of the Leaderboards from seemingly out of nowhere. I hope the support department has a lot of coffee.


Finally we discuss 2 new features currently being tested in the game: Daily Guaranteed Pokémon and Daily Free Box. We think this is a strategy to not only give back to players, but to welcome gamers from other corners of the mobile gaming community. We will have to see how this rolls out and if it changes!


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