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Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 280

Record Date - 2/26/2023

Publish Date - 2/29/2023


This week has been one of the most amazing ever for the Podcast. We dig into our GO Fest NYC experience and how the weekend played out during and after the event hours. Really, this episode is all about saying THANK YOU.


Thank you to everyone that...

Aug 14, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 279

Record Date - 8/12/2023

Publish Date - 8/14/2023


It’s Worlds weekend and the competitive spirit is in the air! With some incredibly high production coverage of the Worlds’s Championships from Yokohama, Trainers have been busy in and out of the game! After recapping our last week of...

Aug 7, 2023

Lured Up Podcast 278

Record Date - 8/6/23

Publish Date - 8/7/23


While GO Fest is happening in London and Osaka, we are watching it all go down from the good’ol US of A! We recap our Adventure Week as it was one of the best in-game events of the year so far. With Community sentiment at a much needed high, having...